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Specialised in the unclogging, sanitation and maintenance
of pipes, the company Sanitation Services intervenes on
your premises 24/7, with no travel costs !

For the good of your pipes, trust our experts !

24/7 Intervention

No travel costs !

Operating in the Alpes-Maritimes, the Var and the Bouches-du-Rhône, Sanitation Services is specialised in the unclogging and cleaning of pipes by high pressure (certification “High Pressure Training – HP 01”).

Our technicians apply a natural and ecological process to clean your network.

We also specialise in inspection, diagnosis, maintenance and pumping to help you whatever your needs.

Our Services


The accumulation of waste in your pipes can end up causing a blockage in your waste water drainage system : water then flows with increasing difficulty through the pipes until it becomes completely blocked.

The unclogging of pipes is necessary in order to remove all types of blockages and thus regain functional and healthy pipes.


Cleaning is a sanitation operation that consists of stripping and completely cleaning your pipes : this allows the deposits, waste and debris that often accumulate in your waste water drains to be removed in a lasting way.

Carried out using very high pressure hydrodynamic equipment, this intervention is 100% ecological.

Pumping (grease traps)

We work with restaurant owners to ensure that the premises are clean, staff comfort and customer satisfaction are guaranteed. Deposits in the grease trap eventually cool down and solidify, causing the pipes to become clogged.

Although the grease trap collects most of the polluting greases, it is essential to empty it every year.


Avoid stagnant water, keep water pipes clean, prevent the formation of blockages : having your pipes maintained by a professional will save you a lot of disappointment later on !

Don’t wait for (often costly) problems to occur, we implement all methods to drain, clean and maintain your pipes without chemicals.

Video Inspection

Thanks to an endoscopic camera that we insert inside the walls of your pipes, we are able to identify the nature and precise location of a plug, check the general condition of your pipes and detect the origin of a water leak.

A complete and detailed report of the passage of the camera with photos will then be given to you in person.


The new regulations for boats built after 1 January 2008 require boaters to store grey and black water and to drain the tanks in the facilities provided for this purpose in ports.

With our grey and black water pumping service, we collect daily liquid and solid waste from yachts before it is discharged into the Mediterranean.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed !

Calling on our expertise guarantees you a quick response, meticulous work and an ultra-competitive quality/price ratio.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we place great emphasis on clear and professional communication, while paying particular attention to the smallest details and respecting the deadlines and budget initially set.

GVA Member


For Individuals & Professionals

Our sanitation services are dedicated to individuals as well as professionals and communities.


High Performance Equipment

4×4 vehicles for urban interventions in narrow streets or underground car parks.


Certified Experts

Approved drainers with certification High Pressure Training – HP 01 : introduction to the risks and methods of working with high pressure.

Preserve your pipes

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What is the purpose of an uncorking company ?

An unclogging company intervenes as soon as a problem with your pipes arises : it specialises in unclogging, maintenance, cleaning, camera inspection, diagnostics and pumping, whether during a scheduled intervention or in an emergency situation.

Plumber & Unblocker : what's the difference ?

While the plumber deals with pipework problems (taps, pipe laying…), the unblocker takes care of the maintenance of the pipe network.

The unblocker has two tools that are essential to his profession, namely an endoscopic camera for inspection and diagnosis, and a high-pressure pump with nozzles capable of adapting to all types of pipes.

How to choose the right unclogging company ?

A serious and professional pipe unclogging company must be specialised in pipe unclogging with specific equipment, be easily contactable and offer a free quotation with prices communicated before the intervention.

Why use Sanitation Services ?

With Sanitation Services, you have the guarantee of a fast and efficient intervention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, carried out by certified professionals.

The quote is free of charge and we will come to you at no extra cost or surcharge on evenings, weekends and public holidays.

Can you unclog a pipe yourself ?

It is indeed possible to unblock a pipe yourself if it is a small plug, using different methods and products (white vinegar, baking soda, chemical unblocker, suction cup…).

On the other hand, it will be necessary to call in a professional for large plugs.

Pest Control Services

Our partner against pests


For any pest control, disinsectisation or disinfection problem, our partner Pest Control Services intervenes quickly and efficiently in the Alpes-Maritimes, the Var and all over the Ile-de-France region.

Visit their website to get more details about their services !