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The Economic Interest Grouping GVA (Groupement Varois de l’Assainissement) brings together sanitation professionals from the Var with the aim of bringing coherence to the work carried out at the level of the department, but also makes it possible to form a single entity and therefore a single interlocutor in relations and exchanges with the mayors and communities of communes.

This EIG federates 17 sanitation companies in the Var, bringing together 250 employees. This represents 95% of the professionals in the Var who pool their skills in terms of advice, control and maintenance.

As an active member of the GVA, Sanitation Services puts all its skills at your disposal and operates in the Var, Alpes-Maritimes and Bouches-du-Rhône regions.

Whether it’s for the maintenance of your pipes, the cleaning of your network, the pumping of your grease traps or a video inspection, call on Sanitation Services !